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Shakespeares globe

Fab paper masks in Soco storefront.

#creative #austin

Fab paper masks in Soco storefront.

#creative #austin


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Oxford Street


Oxford Street



Tomasz Gudzowaty - The Monks of Shaolin (2011)


Feb. 24, 1934: “Perfect New Diving Helmet!” After a year of experimentation, Eric D. Chapman of Cleveland, right, developed this 95-pound diving bell, which allowed its wearer to “descend in depths of 50 feet of water and move about without difficulty or discomfort.” He hoped to deploy the device at the summer Y.M.C.A. camp he directed, “so that hundreds of small boys will be able to view strange sights at the bottom of their small island lake.” Photo: The New York Times



Habitat: tropical and subtropical seas || mesopelagic to bathypelagic zones

  • Bathypelagic zone – that part of the pelagic zone that extends from a depth of 1000 to 4000 metres (3300 to 13000 feet) below the ocean surface. The average temperature hovers at about 39 °F (4 °C). It is aphotic: sunlight does not reach this zone, meaning there can be no primary production. [Wikipedia]
  • Mesopelagic zone – that part of the pelagic zone that extends from a depth of 200 to 1000 metres (~660 to 3300 feet) below the ocean surface. This is the location of the thermocline, and in warmer regions of the world the temperatures varies from over 20 °C (68 °F) at the top to around 4 °C (39 °F) at the boundary with the bathypelagic zone. [Wikipedia]


Eukaryotes  >  Animalia  >  Bilateria  >  Mollusca  >  Cephalopoda  >
Octopodiformes  >  Octopoda  >  Octopodoidea  >  Incirrata  >
Family: Vitreledonellidae Robson, 1932  >  Genus: Vitreledonella  >
Species: Vitreledonella richardi Joubin, 1918

[sources: TOLweb and Wikipedia]

Acknowledgment to Pharyngula for posting a photo of Vitreledonella richardi as the January 10 2014 Friday Cephalopod.

SOURCES: News - DeepSeeTree of Life WebWikipedia

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